1Are your products safe?
Yes all of our materials are EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) Certified.
2Does your company use Green Materials?
Yes, Trinity use Green Products and other EPA Certified materials/products.
3Are the materials safe around my family and pets?
4How long do I need to be away from home after service?
You don’t have to leave home. All materials are safe, low odor, or in most cases no odor and products are governed by Department of Agriculture.
5Do Trinity treat for Fleas?
Yes. We recommend that your pet be taken to get treated before returning home after treatment.
6What are the prices for your services?
Trinity’s goal is to give each customer personalized service. Our initial price starts at $125. Prices could be higher or lower depending on each individual level of infestation.
7What can I expect during my initial service treatment?
Trinity’s Technicians are trained professionals that will provide a thorough inspection of your property inside and outside. An assessment will be made and explained to you before service is rendered.
8What training regiments do your technicians have to complete to be a Register Technician with Trinity?
All of our technicians are certified by the Georgia Department of Agriculture and the Structure Pest Control Commission. Regular classes are completed and hours are recorded meeting and exceeding Georgia Department of Agriculture requirements.
9Do I have to sign a Contract?
Yes. Contract as required by the Structural Pest Commission. Trinity’s Contracts are good for a one year and renew annual unless there’s a written cancellation within thirty days. You can cancel your contract before your initial service within three business days.
10What type of commercial buildings do you treat?
We treat all commercials buildings? Restaurants, Doctor Offices, Golf Clubs, Hotels, Apartments, Townhouses, etc.
11Are your services guaranteed?
Yes. We give a thirty days guarantee for our monthly customers and a sixty days guarantee for our Quarterly customers.